'Reach for the stars' - Popup box card

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Hey everyone, here's a card that was inspired by the adorable card my sister made me for my birthday! The clouds are so cute, so I wanted to my a card with a lot of clouds! I used patterned papers from Kaisercraft's 'Daydreamer' collection to create this project.

The dimensions and basic structure for this pop-up box are exactly the same as the ones described in this tutorial except I have used black cardstock to create the base of the card and black strips to adhere the popup parts of the card. This will fit an A6 envelope. Once you have completed steps 1-4 in the linked tutorial you should have a piece of cardstock that has flaps and panel as shown in the diagram below.
I normally use the following sizes of patterned paper to decorate the panels and flaps of popup boxes:
Flap (large)  - 3 3/8 x 1 3/4 inch                  Panel (large) - 3 3/8 x 2 1/8 inch
Flap (small) - 2 1/8 x 1 3/4 inch                  Panel (small) - 2 1/8 x 2 1/8 inch

However, for this popup box, I decided to only add patterned paper to the flaps. Note that one of the large flaps are not bent, I made sure not to fold that panel so that it will remain upright (of course better way to do this would be to not have a scored line between one of the large panel and flap).

I decorated the flaps with patterned paper with little houses on them. I also used a star/moon patterned paper for the back panel. Once the flaps and panels are decorated you can adhere the box together (step 5 of tutorial). For the popup part, I used die-cut clouds, (step 6) and adhered them to the black strips and then adhered the strips to the card.

On top of the clouds, I added some rose-gold stars and a moon using permanent glue tape. To create the rose-gold stars I used some double sided sticky sheets and adhered one side to some leftover pieces of cardstock. Then I removed the release paper and adhered some rose gold foil to the other side. This essentially gives me some rose-gold cardstock. I then die-cut the stars and moon.

To finish I created a hexagon with the sentiment 'Reach for the Stars' (using Microsoft word) then printed it onto some white cardstock using a laser printer. I then put a piece of rose-gold foil over the printed sentiment and ran it through a laminator. The foil I used is a special heat reactive foil (Minc reactive foil), this foil adheres to toner ink when heated. Make sure you sandwich the cardstock and foil with a plain sheet of paper! There are a few videos on youtube that show this method! I then peeled off the excess foil, cut out the hexagon and adhered it to the card using some foam tape.

You can also adhere a piece of cardstock (3 3/8 x 4 inches) to the back of the popup box to create an area to write a personal message for the recipient.

Materials used: Cardstock - white, black | Daydreamer collection (KC) - 6.5 inch paper pad | Decorative dies - clouds (DP), stars/moon (KC) | Heat reactive foil (Minc) - rose gold | Foam tape
KC - Kaisercraft,   DP - Diamond Press

If you look from the bottom to the top of the card you would be moving from the houses (the ground) to the clouds (the sky) and then to the stars (space). I did this in order to create the effect of 'reaching for the stars'! I hope that this project helps and inspires you to create your own motivational card!

Happy crafting!
Shanika :)


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