'Time for inspiration' - clock

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Hey everyone, so a bit of a different project today, I thought I'd make a hexagon clock! I was inspired by Kaisercraft's March blog challenge to create a project with the 'Misty Mountains' collection, this has definitely become my favourite collection by far (my favourite colour is blue, but this collection in front of 'Indigo skies').

I thought that making a hexagon clock would work quite nicely (it has an advantage when it comes to making the clock), and also because I love working with hexagons! Disclaimer: more hexagon projects to come! XD

To start you'll need a base for the clock and the clock mechanism. I went to Kmart, bought a clock for $2.50 and took it apart so I could get the parts of the clock. You could also take apart any old clocks that you feel you want to replace, but in my case, it was easier to buy a cheap clock. For the base of the clock I used a hexagon frame.

Next you will need to drill a hole in the centre of the base hexagon. Finding the centre of a hexagon is easier than finding the centre of a circle. For the hexagon, just draw lines between opposite vertices and the intersection of these points should give you the centre. Once you've found the centre, you can drill a hole through this point (only an adult should do this step). If you are not comfortable doing this yourself, ask someone for help.

I decided to make the second-hand rose-gold, I did this by adhering some double-sided tape to the second hand, removing the release paper and then sticking some rose-gold foil onto it (I used minc heat transfer foil).

Next, I die-cut six triangles (using largest triangle die) from two different sheets of the 12 x 12 patterned paper, three from each design. Then I arranged them to form a hexagon, this will decorate the base of the clock. For the edges of the clock, I adhered some double-sided tape, removed the release paper and then added some rose-gold foil. Using this technique does not give the smoothest finish of the foil (they work best via heat transfer) but I think the imperfections add to the look.

To decorate the frame I cut a piece of patterned paper to the shape of the frame (I used the frame as the stencil). I added some flowers from the collectables and some pearls. I needed a few more flowers so I fussy cut a few flowers from the paper pad.

Materials used: Misty mountains collection (KC) - 12 x 12 patterned paper {bokeh}{marbled}{divine},  collectables, 6.5 inch paper pad | Decorative dies - striangle (KC) | Medium hexagon frame (KC) | Pearls - lavender (KC) |  Foam tape | Wood glue | Double sided tape | Clock parts
KC - Kaisercraft

I hope this project inspires you to create and perhaps dabble in a few projects a bit beyond papercraft!

Happy crafting!
Shanika :)